Company with 2 trading names

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I am also looking for a solution to this. I have 1 company with 3 different trading names and would want to do the accounts separately to see how they are performing. would also need to send customers invoices linked to the correct trading name

The only way to do this right now is to have custom invoice template written in HTML for each trading entity.

I know this is quite technical. I might be implementing ability to create multiple trading entities within business. This way you will be able to do what you need without HTML.

any update on this?

You are reading a three-year old topic. Templates don’t exist anymore. They have been replaced by themes, which are much more powerful.

You can track different business groups within the company using tracking codes. Read the Guide.

You can create different custom themes with different logos. That’s beyond the scope of the forum, however. If you don’t have the skills for Liquid programming, hire a local web development programmer for the job.