Selecting from multiple sales invoice themes

I have the need for several different types of sales invoices. I would like to select the type of sales invoice at the moment I create one. Anyone has a suggestion?
I’m using the Dutch version.

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please explain what you mean by different types of invoices.

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Different types means different layout e.g. a sales invoice for yearly contribution of to sell some items, and so on.

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The makeup is not the problem. The selection of them when I wish to sent out an invoice

you can enable the different in-built themes under settings and select as per your choice when creating an invoice.
read the guides section regarding themes.

I can indeed make different salesinvoices (layout) but when I select new sales invoice I cannot select the type (layout) I wish to use. Different lauouts have different fields in it. I have tried to find the solution in the guides but could not find neighter I see how to enable multiple sales invoices.

themes will only change the final appearance of your document. it will not change the appearance of the entry form itself.
you can leave the fields blank if you do not need them. blank fields will not show on the final output.

OK, I gonna have a trial. Thanks for your response.


I need to have two different logos for invoices - we have two divisions and they work under different DBAs. One division is a wholesaler and the other a retailer. I can’t seem to find any way to have two different logos on invoices and choose between when a sale is made.
Is there any way to do this in any version of your software?!

are these separate business with their own tax registration and place of business?
if yes, then you should be creating accounts as separate business in Manager.

if no, you will have to make separate custom themes with one logo each hard-coded in the theme. if please hire someone locally to create a custom theme if you are not familiar with coding. the themes use liquid coding.

I actually found the html area for creating a custom invoice BUT now I can’t figure out where you store data on my hard drive!? I can’t find anything in any Program Files area in windows nor a directory on the C: drive that looks like yours. I would assume that if I want the custom forms to work correctly (especially if we go to the server edition) that I’d need graphics to be located in that area and not just in a random folder on my system. (I an using the Desktop version, not the web version.)
Thanks - sorry for the stupid questions but I didn’t see anything about coding in the guide anywhere.

read these guides.

this is not a coding forum. so like i said earlier, if you are not familiar with coding, you will have to hire someone locally to customize a theme for you.

I AM familiar with coding - that’s not the issue. It appears that when I upload a logo (which there is only the option to do one) it goes ‘somewhere’. The template calls it “business.logo”. I’ve been through my entire system looking for files for Manager to see where this actually is stored. I cannot actually find the SQL database files you’re using for Manager, only SQL DLLs in AppData/Roaming. Surely someone can contact me with the ‘database’ location for the files stored by Manager and then accessed by Liquid’s template logic.
Or - if I purchase the server Package, can someone simply code the ability to have more than 1 logo in the system? I can take it from there.

everything goes in your business file. i believe the logo is just referenced in the sql db from your local directory and not stored in the db itself.
your business file will be stored in your Application Data folder which can be seen under Preferences page in Manager.

this will not be possible. all individual customization is upto the user.

as i told you earlier, you can just hard-code the different logo in separate themes. you do not have to set a logo under Settings.

Got it to work AND figured out that I need to make a directory within the Manager directory with my logo files to make sure nothing happens to them and they’re backed up appropriately. I didn’t realize that the logo wasn’t really being copied into an .SQL database somewhere.

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