Multi currency symbol not displaying on payment/receipt edit screens


I use cloud version
My base currency is Mozambique currency
i already using foreign currency (USD , RAND)
i created a Customer name as “test cust usd” with currency as USD
now i created a sales invoice with sales amount of 100USD see below picture

As you can see in the picture there is no currency symbol mention but in previous versions of manager it used to show currency symbols … that’s not big problem because in the next screen it shows currency symbol.


Here in this receipt edit screen i selected "Nagesh Cash " ( its base currency Bank account) and tried to receive cash in one of my base currency bank account.

FOR reference (how it should have looked),
below is the screenshot from some other user manager post

As of today , 1 usd = 70 MZN (Mozambique currency)
OK, here in my case i couldn’t give exchanged value of 100USD = 7000 MZN
which is so confusing, i need to use Exchange rates from settings menu to do this multi currency transactions before i never used exchange rates since i started using manager.

I didnt use exchange rates from setting menu because ,

  1. i had an easy option too enter how much amount i customer paid in foreign currency and how much amount i receive in my base currency account in a payment receive edit screen.

  2. i will have little difference in exchange rates in a single day because i sometimes give better rates to few best customers and normal rate other customers.

so what wrong happening here?

Thank you

I take the above problem as BUG in the system because

i just downloaded free desktop version and created new businesss

i created base currency bank account and foreign currency bank account… this module is not at all working as expected

in above screen shot
if i enter 10 for Bank 1, same is entered automatically in Bank USD
if i enter 100000 in Bank USD , same is updated automatically in Bank 1

And as per the screenshot above i save that transaction to see what happens in bank account module

see below screen shot

10 amount is deducted from Bank 1 but nothing is received in Bank USD.

below is the test business which you can try

test (2020-07-09).manager (60 KB)

There is no bug related to what you are seeing. You have shown screen shots from multiple businesses with a variety of problems:

  • Bank accounts with no currency defined
  • Customer with no currency defined
  • Business with no base currency set
  • Business with no foreign currency defined

Read the relevant Guides.

Hi @Tut

My first post from this topic is from single business…

Bank account currency is defined perfectly

customer currency is defined perfectly

business with base currency is set perfectly

business with foreign currency is also defined perfectly.

Im using this manager software since 2014. and above screenshots are from cloud version.

In my second post i created test business on my desktop version i uploaded the backup file as well. it shows all my settings. even inter bank transfer is also not working properly.

hi @lubos

i discovered there is solution for my above issue

in base currency settings and foreign currency settings we must enter all field (Code, currency name and symbol)

Thanking myself :sweat_smile:

Thanks @Tut @lubos

If any field is mandatory to fill the details please keep a star and if we miss filling it show an error like how normal website contact us form will show.