Fixed -receipt doesnt show the correct currency when multicurrency is used

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as you can see in the screenshots
when you make new receipt and put another currency as payment
the receipt show payment in the same currency as invoice is not the correct currency received
the balance is calculated ok
this happens when you select an cash account, if you select a bank account the currency in the receipt shows correctly

Cash accounts are denominated in a single currency. They cannot accept money in different currencies. If you want to issue an invoice in one currency and accept a receipt in another, you need to receive the customer’s payment into an account in that currency.

@Tut i have cash acounts in 3 diferent curency and banks too, if you see the screenshot in customer page its calculated correctly but the receipt has the wrong currency simbol

I do not understand what you are describing, and your screen shots exclude so much information they do not help me. Can you describe the exact sequence of actions and show full screen shots that illustrate your problem? (You can still obscure proprietary information, but show the entire edit screens and resulting transaction views.)

@Tut screenshots updated

Tut wants to see the edit screens not the view screen

second screenshot is the edit scren third one is the view screen
the edit screen of the invoice i think is irrelevant as is the same as the view just an inventare sale, the problem is in the receipt not in the invoice

I agree this seems to be a bug. At the least, it makes little sense to show a receipt in either a cash or bank account in a currency other than its designated one.

@Genti_Ge, you did not say, but I assume this receipt was generated from the New Receipt button on the sales invoice view. Is that correct? What happens if you generate the same basic receipt directly from the Receipts & Payments tab? In other words, is the error introduced because of some relationship with the invoice, or does it originate with the customer’s currency definition?

Regardless, I am putting this into the bugs category for @lubos’s attention.

the same thing happens Tut even if use Receipts & Payments tab

this bug occur only with cash accounts if i choose a bank account in Euro, no problem there it show the right currency

@Tut @lubos the same problem is when you make payments from cash accounts
cash account is in euro or usd the pazment screen shows the default bussines currency in this case ALL

Fixed in the latest version (18.9.69)

@lubos thanks a lot