MS Edge now reports as unsafe

Downloading the latest version of Manager for Windows V20.10.96. MS Edge now reports as unsafe. Never seen this before and have allowed it though and advised Microsoft it is a safe site. Strange that this has started to happen and never seen it before!

It has happened to me in the past.

I suspect there is a delay between the new version being made available, and the new version being flagged OK on the Microsoft database

It just happened now. any ETA on getting this fixed?

Try downloading and installing again, even though it might be the same version. All these certification processes for approved developers are automated and you may have just caught things while the newest version (out today) was still in the queue. There is very likely nothing to fix, only some catching up to wait on.

WIN defender still rejecting the upload as unsafe. nothing has changed since this was first reported 15hrs ago.

Looks clean to me, zero of 83 positives for Manager v20.10.96 Windows 64 bit version
Same for the mac version (not shown)

run the same report for 10.97 and tell me what you see.

Is there a reason you have not used the same website to test the file you are concerned about yourself

You can paste in the URL for the actual Manager download (on · GitHub) or download the Manager file the upload the file to

This was an issue with digital signature. It has been fixed now so the warning about the file being unsafe should be gone now.

It looks as though my original message may have been misunderstood by some people and although it is said to be resolved now, I think it important to clarify the position.
I downloaded the installation file within Microsoft Edge. It downloaded OK, but when trying to install it, via clicking on the open file within Edge, it then told me it was unsafe. Knowing that it was from a genuine site, I bypassed the error and installed the file which worked correctly. Hope this clarifies it

windows defender is blocking the manager 10.97 file from being downloaded.

Have you tried installing v21.1.1?

21.1.1 is posted, and that one downloaded. and there were NO changes made to my win defender to facilitate the 21.1.1 download…

something was definitely bad with 10.97

Have you read this thread? Or do you only report problems? The developer posted what the problem was in post #9 and said it had been fixed an hour and a half before you reiterated your experience with the older version.

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Only report problems. Happy New Year!!!

Well, that is not the purpose of this forum. Yes, we ask members to report issues. We also expect them to read the responses and discussion that their posts generate and not waste others’ time repeating things they’ve already posted.


No reason for YOU to become hysterical; nor defensive over YOUR digital signature issues.

@anon5385611 Most communities function by collaborative efforts. By far the majority of forum users are fellow Manager users, just like you. If you are not willing to read posts by other users or the developer, why do you imagine anyone would want to read your posts.


They aren’t my issues. I’m a forum moderator and have nothing whatsoever to do with writing or distributing the software.