Moving Application to another folder

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There is a caution in the guide relating to this topic with regards to multiple computers. I need a little clarification on it.

Does this caution applies to the Server edition as well?

The caution applies to the Desktop edition. Someone using the Server edition can access the business file from multiple locations / computers at the same time.

From the Server edition page:

Multi-user access

Share access with your team - so everyone has access to the same numbers at the same time whenever they need it. Accountants and bookkeepers can service you remotely when you allow access to your accounting data.

The Guide you refer to opens with these words:

When you use the desktop edition,…

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Can I run server edition from dropbox desktop application

The purpose of the Server edition is to allow multiple users to work on the same file at the same time, and from multiple locations if necessary. To set-up multi-location access would require some knowledge of networking technology. Users of the Server edition do not need to store the data file in Dropbox.

What are you trying to achieve?

My aim is to have a secured back-up of data. Having Server PC and user PC in the same building still does not give the maximum protection against data loss. in case of fire what happens? I had a complain from a client whose machines were stolen when thieves broke into his shop and he lost some of his data. He then raised the issue of having an external back up with dropbox etc. I therefore thought of dropbox desktop version which can do automatic synchronize of data data from time to time. i just don’t know whether it will be possible.
Please forget about manager cloud edition since it wont be possible due to bad internet connectivity issues.

Moving the Application Data Folder into the Dropbox folder is possible, but will not result in a secure backup. The problem with syncronization is that if someone deletes the data file from the Dropbox folder (either accidentally or maliciously) then the data is gone from both the desktop computer and from the Dropbox server.

You should look into a dedicated backup program. Set the backup program to run every day at a specific time (during the lunch break for example). Have the backup program save a copy of the data file to Dropbox or other cloud service. Now the backup will exist on the server even if the PC is destroyed or stolen.

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