1 Computer set up different locations/computer

Hi! Can I access manager from 1 computer set up and datas coming from different locations/computer?

You have two options. Subscribe to the cloud edition or change the location of your application data folder to a storage device accessible by both computers. There is a Guide telling you how to do that.

Thank you for your response. May I know how to do that? Where can I find that guide? Iā€™m just new in using manager.

Cloud hosting and Server edition are meant for online access and multi-user. It also allows for access via phone and tablets because the application is online. As a single user you can need to use a desktop version with any of the supported operating systems (Linux, Windows & Mac see download area for supported versions) and can decide to use an online diskdrive (remote) to access your data.

You can not access the Desktop edition computer as an online server, for that you need to pay for the Server Edition.

Thank you for your response. What is better to use? Cloud edition or Server edition?

Cloud edition, all headache is taken away and it is also cheaper because the licenses are equal in price but for Server you need advanced ICT knowledge and your own server or a VPS and that adds a lot to the cost of implementation.

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The original Guides are here. They are gradually being replaced with these. For now, see: Move desktop application data to another folder | Manager.

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