Backup from folder

I lost my computer but HD is ok,
Can I backup manager from a folder?

You can back up a business as long as you can open it. But your situation is not completely explained. What do you mean by “from a folder?” Are you asking whether you can copy a business data file from one hard drive to another and then import it to a new Manager installation? If so, the answer is yes.

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I am asking If I can do this by transferring a folder from the old C to the correct place on the new computer. With out having access to the Manager on the old computer.

And If so what folder should I move?

There are two issues involved:

  • Moving the business data file (or files, if you have more than one business)
  • Building a proper index on the new machine of what businesses are present

Read this Guide to understand contents of the application data folder:

The best thing to do would be to copy your old application data folder to the new machine as a source, rather than to install it as the new application data folder. Then, download and install Manager on the new machine. Then add your business(es) using the Add Business > Import Business process. When importing, use the old folder as your source for the businesses, just as if you were importing a backup according to this Guide:

The process of importing the business(es) will build a functional index for the new installation. And it will put all the business files into the new application data folder. After you make sure they have all imported correctly, the old application data folder you transferred to use as the source can be deleted.

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