Money Receive on Sales invoice not working

system is behaving surprisingly some time ok some time not. Some time i am trying to receive in my sale account it works. Some time it is not receiving in the same account. I don’t know why same customer some time receive money works and for the same customer it is not working I am new user and using desktop version and making familiar this software to my business.

Can you provide a screen shot of a transaction that has worked and a transaction that hasn’t worked.
On your Summary tab under Equity do you have a Suspense account showing with a value.
If yes, then you have transactions which haven’t been processed correctly. Compare those transactions to a transaction that has worked correctly and identify the differences which should be corrected.

I attached the file. Please try to pay money partial or in full it is not taking.

@toijaz, I removed the link to your accounting file for security. It is not good practice to share your file with the world. And no-one can look at it without importing your entire business.

Instead, can you post screen shots that show examples of the problem?

@toijaz, I looked into your file and the problem is you set your start date to April 1st but trying to receive payment from customer on March 23rd. Transactions before your start date will be ignored.

Dear Lubos, Thanks for your help its working now. You are my teacher . Thanks sir