Could you please test new "Print" button?

To resolve printing issues in Manager, I finally got around implementing PDF generator (starting with version 16.10.9). This means, clicking on Print PDF button will generate PDF internally within Manager rather than showing Print dialog of underlying operating system which was causing a lot of issues (inconsistency, missing repeating headers, blank pages, crashes etc.)

I want to make sure all PDF documents generated in Manager look perfect before this capability is used by Email button as well (currently Email button uses external web-service to generate PDF which is slow and cumbersome).

I’m excited to see this finally in Manager. Not only it’s going to fix all printing issues. It opens a lot of possibilities too.

  • Faster emails & better security (your PDFs are generated locally instead of using external web-service)
  • Batch printing & emailing (e.g. print or email customer statements to all customers at once)
  • Compilation reports (create report pack with cover page)
  • Better support for headers & footers (e.g. adding page numbers)

Also without Manager being able to generate PDFs locally, I was delaying to release ability to customize HTML for all printed documents (currently available for invoices only). The main reason was that I didn’t want businesses to invest too much time into HTML customization before I know what HTML/CSS subset will be eventually supported.

How to test

Open screens where Print PDF button is shown, e.g. any report.

After clicking on Print button, you should see generated PDF file in your default PDF viewer.

As you can see Profit and loss statement looks pretty decent.

If you find instance where generated PDF is not good (disorganized, unprofessional, missing headers), post screenshot (you can censor private information within screenshot).

  1. Noticed below error message while trying to print customer statement:
  2. Profit and loss statement works fine.
  3. Also noticed large amounts to break.
  4. In general ledger summary report: ‘‘Asset’’ broken to Page 1 instead of 2

Invoices needs some fixes.

It was actually quite slow 10sec to make pdf. it would also be better to make pdf in new window.

but really exciting for batch printing.

@lubos can you give time of arrival for these mouth watering features?

I want to know because I am assisting a small company to start using manager next week

Transfer Money form has many problems. See images. Top is regular view:

Below is PDF:

Expense claims have alignment issue on left margin:

Receipts and Payments have same problem. Other forms may have, too. Haven’t checked all yet.

Sales quotes: blank lines in Notes field are ignored. Top image is while viewing quote, bottom is PDF:

Problem may exist on other forms, too.

Sales invoices: same problem as sales quotes with blank lines in Notes field.

Paid in Full stamp loses color/design:

Big problems with delivery notes. Arrangement of custom fields totally different, and business info all wrong:

Purchase orders: nothing works. On Mac with OS X v10.12, any attempt to print a purchase order yields:

Purchase invoices: print attempt brings up the operating system print dialog, not a PDF.

Debit Note: formatting very much different:



Production order:


Attempt to print P&L report gives this error statement:

So far, every report I’ve tried produces a similar error.


I’m thrilled to read that you are tackling the PDF process, but this last version is pre-alpha. I lost all printing capability when I installed it, except for one invoice that managed to pop up about 30 seconds after I clicked Print, and the columns were all odd sizes.

I urge you to withdraw v.16.10.9 or to release another version with legacy printing restored. This might be one instance where, for the sake of testing, you release a dev version and let people play with it on sandboxed data, rather than sending a non-working version out into the real world in production environments.

I was lucky tonight in that I had made a backup just before updating to 16.10.9, that I save copies of all my old Manager setup executables, and that I didn’t do any real work in 16.10.9 before recognizing that it’s broken. I was able to revert to 16.10.6 safely on my production machine.

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@Jon, OK, what I did is to rearrange it a bit (temporarily)

Print button will trigger the old print dialog and PDF button will produce internally generated PDF.

When PDF generator is without bugs, it will replace Print button for good.


Perhaps when the PDF button is click a warning dialog box appears stating this under development and printouts may not be correct - use Print button instead - click continue

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Bug in printing pdf with custom template. Complete misalignment.