Printing reports with account balance

I need to print my reports with account balance
please help

What reports are you referring to, and what account balances? You print a report by clicking the Print button while you are viewing it.

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I want to print an account statement that displays the balance after each transaction

Please do not make me drag this information out bit by bit. What account?

I want to print the tax account as an example so that the account balance appears after each transaction.

Go to the Reports tab. Create a General Ledger Transactions report for the date range in question. Select the account you want to print. Or leave the selection blank and get all accounts.

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ok do it but repots show all transactions without account balance after each transaction. only closing balance

Your complaint is simply not true, @Ahmed_Diab. Here is an example of the Tax payable account (the one you said you were interested in) from a test business:

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this photo from my pc there is no balance :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What version of the software are you using? And where did you obtain it? This is the same report I showed earlier in English, converted to Arabic. (Not all of my entries are translated, because they were entered in English) from v20.10.65:

Changes were made recently that improved rendering in right-to-left languages.

You mean I must change my version

I do not know. I asked what version you are using, but you did not answer. But if your version is earlier than 20.10.65, yes, update your software.

Thank you for your cooperation
Last favor please give me link for your version

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