Latest download wiped out 2017 transactions

I just downloaded the latest release and now all my 2017 transactions are gone. 2015 and 2016 is there but not correct.

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The latest file I can find is 15 days ago. When I follow the instructions for doing a hard drive search for .manager files all kinds of things come up. Anything with the word manager in it. I made sure I put the ‘dot’ first. Does that mean I’m going to have to input all the transactions from the 17th of May until today again? Also I don’t know if I’m importing a back up file or not. The last back up I did was probably around the 17th. It’s very confusing to me right now.

A backup file will have the name of your business and a date stamp. For example:

ACME Industries (2017-05-17).manager

They are very easy to find.

Your “live” accounting file could be in a couple of places:

  1. If you updated to a version between 17.4.0 and 17.5.7, your file was converted to a plain-language name, such as: ACME Industries.manager. This could still be in your application data folder. Or you may have moved it somewhere else. (That was the point of the change at 17.4.0–to let users put their files wherever they wanted them. But it didn’t work out as intended.)

  2. If you never updated during that two-month span, you always did and still do have an alphanumeric file name in your application data folder. Because these folders are usually hidden, they don’t show up in searches. Follow the procedure in this Guide to find your way to the application data: That guide may also help you figure out which file is your active one.

Rest assured, unless you have deliberately deleted files, your data is not lost. The task is only to figure out which file has the latest data. That was the point of the date search @Brucanna mentioned. You might try repeating it with “.manager” in quotes

When you do a search you should see results similar to this:

The 2nd file is the one you are looking for - latest with a proper name - note also how it is larger.
The 1st file even though more recently dated is actually a pre 17.4.0 file which was re-activated by the current update.

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Tried the above suggestions. All the back ups come on with the same data, with the last 2 months of activity gone. What can I do now

Read more on the Forum and found the answer. Worked great, really enjoy the program and thanks

Wow what an ordeal but I found it. It was converted to a plain-language name. I imported every alphanumeric file in the list to the business and removed it and only one came close. The last thing to check was the one in plain language and it worked. I should have started there. These problem’s we run into help us learn. Thank you for your patience and swift response. I’d be sunk without your help.

I think I replied to this in the wrong place below. I did find it. It had been converted to plain-language. So from now on will files be saved in plain language or alphanumeric? Is there anything else I need to know? I always do updates as soon as I am notified but I’ve got to be more diligent with my back ups. Thanks again for all your help.

Your active accounting file will be alphanumeric and will be in your application data folder. That will be in the location listed under About Manager. You can change the path following the instructions in the Guide I sent about the application data folder. But it will never move by itself.

Backups, on the other hand, will have plain-language file names, including the name of the business and the date. Locations for those is under your control. They should not only be somewhere besides the application data folder, they should be on a separate drive. Their purpose is to preserve your data if the drive with the application data folder crashes. See this Guide:

Thank you, thank you. You have been a great help to me. I’ve learned so much.