Missing supplier transactions

Managed to complete my TPAS by creating 95 Purchase Invoices to 25 different subcontractors .
When I was doing all of this I noticed that when I searched in Receipts and Payments for a particular Subcontractors transactions that only 3 out of 5 showed in the search result .
Can’t work this out …

You need to show some screens shots to illustrate this, @Summerhill. How do you know there are 5 if only 3 show? One possibility that jumps out is that you have the supplier (subcontractor) entered twice, thus splitting the transactions.

When I go into Receipt and Payments 5 are there .
Three attached photos , top one shows search results and bottom two show other two transactions .
This Supplier is only entered in once as a supplier .
I hope I have uploaded these screens shots properly .

It’s Ok , I have worked it out .
Spelling error .
Instead of selecting the dropdown prompt from my supplier list I was typing the supplier name in for those two . Something to watch out for in future .:roll_eyes:
False alarm .

I almost suggested spelling errors.

Out of curiosity, what are your last two screen shots? You offered them as evidence that only 3 of 5 payments were returned from a search of the Receipts & Payments tab. But these are clearly not shots of that tab. So what are they? Showing snippets like these without labels is generally not helpful.

Incidentally, this question was unrelated to the PAYG Summary, so I have moved it and all responses to a new topic. In the future, please do not divert topics with unrelated questions or comments.

The first screen shot was of the search result showing three transactions returned .
The other two screen shots were showing the transactions in Receipts and Payments that weren’t returned because of the spelling error as it turns out .

I have no confidence using the Forum interface and even now replying to this am not sure if I am doing the right thing but will endeavour to get it right .