Identical transactions not showing

I am certain this is a silly oversight from me. I have 4 transactions. 2 sales invoices and the 2 receipts. Both sales invoices are identical and both receipts are too. The receipts are allocated under Accounts receivable, but when I run a report, only 2 of the transactions show up.
I have checked the date of the report and everything. I cannot seem to find the fault.

You should post edit screen images of the transactions and identify which report you are talking about

Here I have 4 sales invoices.

They are all filed in labour under income:

Under my profit and loss statement I have Labour:

If I go into my labour account. only the last 2 transactions shows up.

All receipts are posted to accounts receivable:


Post a screen shot of the entire Edit screen for a sales invoice #10040 or #10041. Obscure only proprietary information.

I hope this is what you require. I am greatful for all the help.

Here is Sales Invoice 10043, one that is showing:

This is the receipt for 10043, and it is showing:

Here is Sales Invoice 10040, the one that is not showing:

This is the receipt for 10040, and it is not showing:

When I look at the summary of labour, I can only see 10043 and 10044.

It looks like you have set up cash basis accounting rather than accrual basis. Is that right? You also have a very strange period set for your profit and loss statement, which does not include some of your receipts. That could explain things. Switch to accrual and set your reporting period to run through the current date. See if that doesn’t resolve things.

Hi Tut
My business is set up is accrual in stead of cash. The dates are from when the business started trading up to the end of the financial year. (In South Africa, it is 28/02) Is the below screenshot correct with regards to setting the financial year for a business?

Another thing that is funny is that the receipts for 10043 and 10044 were captured outside accounting period, but that are showing. The 4 transactions within the accounting period is not showing.

For your described situation, your Summary is set up correctly. But it will only show transactions up through February 28, 2019. You entered a receipt on March 14, which is going to be ignored. I don’t know what else you might have done.

Meanwhile, the Sales Invoices tab is going to show all sales invoices, not just the ones during the current period.

A more usual way to do things would be to set your Summary to show from the beginning of the financial period until Today. That way, it is always current and reflects the current financial period to date. Then, create Profit and Loss Statements and other financial reports for the financial month/quarter/year or whatever other span you want under the Reports tab.

You have also shown screen shots of receipts with remarks that they are showing or not showing. But you have not shown anywhere that they would show. The receipts will show in the Receipts & Payments tab, not in the Sales Invoices tab. Do your receipts all show there?

Also, do you have a start date set under Starting Balances in the Settings tab?

Hi Tut

Thank you for everything. It is working now. It was something as simple as the starting balances. It was a typo.I correct the date, and everything is in order.

I played around with the reporting dates and verified everything is ok.

Once again, thank you. It is much appreciated.