Receipts and payments problem

Since using the new receipts and payments program I have noticed that the entries do not show up in the respective income or expense account that is selected. You get the entries listed under receipts and payments but they do not appear under income or the allocated expense account.
Is this a bug - it is very misleading as the reports are incorrect.

Can you illustrate what you are referring to? Provide screen shots of a receipt or payment edit screen and the drill-down on the relevant income or expense account from the Summary.


Screen 1 Receipts and Payments 24 September Horkan
Screen 2 Receipt Entry
Screen 3 Boarding Fees - nothing listed after 14 September.
This is repeated for payments - the entry does not appear in the specific expense account

Please post a screen shot of the Set Period parameter of the Summary Screen

Which brings to mind - would it possible to show the period when you drill down from the summary screen?

The summary screen shows the date of the B/S and the period of the P/L

So maybe this information could be added to the heading

OK I must be getting tired. The Set Period is normally set for today, but for some reason it was set for 14/9/2018. I don’t remember altering this.
Sorry for this silly mistake.
Thanks for your help.
Still a great program !!

Could you remove my data please.