Missing information on Copy to Delivery Note

I have been using manager application for over 2 years now and I have been very happy with it in terms of easy of use and functionality.
However, the new versions I think starting from version 22.5 has changed the software removing some by features.
For instance, In the previous versions, one could copy a quote to sales invoice and the information like quote number and order number used to be included on the new invoice created this way but the new version of manager is no longer including this information.
This used to be make creating an invoice from a quote much easier.
Can the developer consider reintroducing these features in the coming updated.
Reverting to use old versions also does not work as it fails to open back up copies created in new version asks for an update.

Please make sure you have Manager version All works properly from quote to invoice using copy to. That is if you provided reference numbers. Create a test business and try it out.

Thank you for the response.
My apologies, I meant the order number and invoice number from the invoice copying to delivery note.
Also the address does not seem to be copied to the delivery note and one has to manually copy and paste the address on the note.
Furthermore, I have also noted that the quote number is not copied once the customer name is changed.

I changed the subject title to Delivery note. Still it all works out of the box correctly including address, etc. Try with a test business and ensure that you include all the references. Start with creating a quote, copy to order, copy to invoice, copy to delivery note. You will see that it works as expected including copying numbers, addresses and order details.

Thank you once again for your response, Eko.

However, please note that there is no copy to order for sales, only copy to quote, copy to invoice and copy to delivery note.

I have also attached photos of the features which were in the old version labelled “old” at the end of the name which are missing on the new version for invoice, delivery notes.
You can check and compare that the features I mentioned are missing.

Please follow the exact sequence and use COPY TO in each view screen to initiate the next. See my example sequence below where all fields get filled as needed:

As you can see it works as needed.

@eddie, also read this thread, starting from the beginning. It may clear up some of your questions: Order field on sales invoice form.

Eko, thank you once again.
I’m currently using the free desktop version and maybe the feature has just been remove from this version because it does not have “sales order” tab on the menu in the quote…
I used the create the invoices and delivery notes in the previous versions straight from a quote.
And as I have mentioned, the desktop version does not seem to have the “sales order tab” from the quote.
See the snapshot below.

You do not have the Sales Orders tab enabled. Read the Guide: Simplify Manager | Manager.