Missing Contact @ Reports >>Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field

we generate reports >>Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field
missing contact info from unpaid invoices

generate with customer variable instead contact. the name koko is in customer tab right?

I cannot reproduce this. What version number are you using?

version is 19.2.58

I could not reproduce the problem in 19.2.57. I bypassed 19.2.58. I cannot reproduce this in 19.2.61. So you need to furnish more detail.

  1. Show the Edit screen for the customer, Koko.
  2. Show the Edit screen for Sales Invoice #1.
  3. Show the Edit screen where you defined the Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field report.
  4. Show the View screen for the report defined in #3 above.
  5. Show the results of clicking on Koko’s total on the screen in #4 above (unless it is identical to your first screen shot in your first post of this topic.

drill down yangon


Two things jump out:

  1. Sales Invoice #1 has only one line item, and it is not posted to any account.
  2. Sales Invoice #1 seems to have been created as a pre-start-date invoice to set up a starting balance in Accounts receivable. But its issue date is not prior to other transaction dates shown in your various screen shots. Starting balance unpaid invoices must be before the start date.

So I believe your observed behavior results from a combination of incorrect entry of a starting balance and failure too specify a posting account. Correct those problems and see if the situation is fixed.