Contact Column is not available in sales invoice reports

@lubos please have a look on these transaction. Same item description is either repeated twice or thrice resulting in wrong report and also I can’t get the meaning of 0 amount in black colour.

Again I’m requesting please add contact column here , it will help for data analysis for all.

@Tut please help

Please post the complete edit screen for invoice N20086

Please post the complete edit screen for invoice N20086 - not a partial copy of the View screen

This is the edit screen but still only a partial view - you may have to post the top half and bottom half separately

My last attempt - you have not shown the top half :frowning:
Is it because our are using the inventory modules and the items are being delivered from different locations ?

I see you are using the Delivery Notes tab

Yes i’m using Delivery Notes tab.

If you want more help, you will have to provide more details of the reports and transactions you are using.

Remember, we can not see what you have in your accounts only the partial infomation you are providing using screen shots - for example show the edit screen for the report, show the report, show the drill down view, show the full edit screen of the transactions involved

Otherwise we are just making a guess as to what has happened and why the data is not what you expect

@lubos please add contact column here too.

Here is the only help I can offer:

  • Your subject line says the Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field report is showing the wrong calculation. But you have not shown either the Edit screen or View of such a report. Instead, you started with a screen shot of a drill-down on something unidentified. So we have no idea what calculation you are referring to. Nor do we know what your screen shot shows.
  • You marked up your first screen shot, but did not explain what the markings were.
  • You then asked for a contact column, which has nothing to do with calculations. This is apparently a diversion from your topic to request something you already requested in another topic.
  • You asked why some amounts were in black. That is because they are not negative. Negative values are in red on the screen you are looking at, whatever it is.
  • You did not tell us what edition or version number of Manager you are using.

Do you see why it is difficult to provide help?

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You are saying absolutely correct that was a complete diversion from the topic. because I’m more centric for the contact/customer column.
the topic I created that it shows a wrong calculation later i found that in below screenshot first two arrows are GST rates 18%( 9 + 9 ) and third arrow is pre GST value .

so basically my topic is a feature request that was previously available but in latest release it’s not available . so why this is needed i’m going to write a justification for it.

I’m using cloud version.

now have a look here!

As you can see there are various custom fields .
now drill down Penta modular

if let Say N20086 is billed to = “customer A”
N20085 is billed to = “customer B”
N20084 is billed to = “customer G”
N20083 is billed to = “customer A”
N20082 is billed to = “customer X”
N20081 is billed to = “customer A”
N20080 is billed to = “customer Y”
N20079 is billed to = “customer G”
N20078 is billed to = “customer B”
and so on…

and you want to know for the specific period how much Penta modular did customer A

what previously manager answers was simply typed in “Customer A” in search bar and the results came in.

but now because no Contact column is present i’m unable to run such search reports .

so @lubos & @tut please help to see contact column again in drill down reports

The latest version (20.5.83) shows Customer column when drilling-down from sales invoice total reports.

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@lubos, the customer are showing up under the Description column. Where they exist, descriptions are showing up under Customer:

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