Custom reports

when generate custom report, Amount is missing
Please check.

Without a screen shot of the actual file and fields you have selected for the custom report, it is not possible to work out why you do not get the results you expect.

Please post the edit screen for the report

You also need to post a screen shot of at least one of the transactions that shows a zero amount.

We need to see the custom report definition.

Amount is missing because you have not selected it. The custom report definition you show in your last post is not for the report you showed in your first post.

please check
debit, credit, amount all are missing

I don’t know what you are doing wrong. Now that I have had time, I have mocked up a custom report with your same inputs (although on a different business, of course, and the date range is different). The results are as follows (in this case, not every transaction has a reference number):

This comes from version 18.11.64.

i can send our db if needed
i will check with latest version
we sell from receipt (cash sales)

can you guide me how to check report
i want to know
item code, item name, qty, Price, Amount (from Cash Receipt)
checked with latest version
same result

No. I cannot suggest how you should check the report. I put in your parameters and got the expected results. Try creating a brand new report.

What I want is single line
Sales Price and Amount

Now you are raising a totally different subject. You originally complained that Amount did not show. Then it was Debit, Credit, and Amount. Now, apparently, they all show. But you have not said what solved the problem.

But you say you want Sales Price and Amount on the same line. They are! But that isn’t your problem. Your problem now seems to be that you get one or the other. Obviously, you’ve edited the custom report. So we need to start all over with screen shots of the report definition, a representative transaction, and the report that is generated. This time, everything needs to go together, not have changes from one to the other.

i’m not raising a totally different subject.
this is my report criteria

here is the result

@San_Thida_Myo_Latt, I am pulling out of this discussion. I’ve been trying my best to help you, but cannot reproduce any of the problems you describe. Every time you show a report definition or result, it’s different from everything you have shown before. But you never explain the differences or answer my questions.

I cannot chase a moving target.

i don’t clear what you mean
on my last screen, i had provided reports definition and output result
this is same as my initial post
Actually What I want is
We made “Cash Sales” from Receipt
What I want is
I want to see
Item Code, Sales Price (from receipt), Sales Price( what we defined at inventory)
now i can’t get that result
can anyone guide me