Minor formatting issues in account statements

The Account Statement report still has some minor formatting issues. These may seem to be nit-picky, but as several users have pointed out, Invoices and Account Statements are the “face” of a business to customers, so it’s important that they look good.

  1. The title “Statement” at the very top is not bolded, the way it is on Invoices and other reports.

  2. The top part of the statement (where the customer’s name and address, the date, and the business’s details appear) has too much leading (too much space between lines, or a line-spacing setting that is too high) compared to invoices. Also, the customer’s name and address look like they might be in a slightly smaller font size than everything else.

Also, a request: Can the Invoice column on the Account Statement report be made narrower, by removing the redundant word “Invoice” on every line, so that the Description column can be made wider? The Description column is so narrow now that it invariably wraps around to a second line, which makes the whole statement appear all stretched out.

And one more consistency thing to consider: Dates have their own column on statements, but they are integrated into the Description column on invoices. Why the difference? (Because each of my invoices includes services from different dates, I happen to like the idea of having a separate Date column for the sake of clarity, although I can see that business that issue daily invoices wouldn’t want that.)


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I’ve made some improvements based on your feedback in the latest version (16.5.49).

As for making top part of the statement 100% consistent with invoices, this will be done later but the header is in bold now and Invoice column is more compact.

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