Customer Statements (Transactions) Report Tweak Suggestion


Could the Customer Statements (Transactions) Report be tweaked in future releases like in the sample provided?

Thank you.

You are suggesting a duplication of entries. The opening balance is already listed, first in the report. It may be a debit or credit. Whichever it is, it is already included the sum of total debits or total credits. So if it were added as you suggest, the arithmetic in the summary at the bottom would be incorrect.

Sorry, but opening balance is not included in the sum of total debit (credits). Total debits is just for the chosen period.

You’re right. I never noticed that, because my customers never have opening balances, and I didn’t actually sum the columns in your illustration. Still, the information is already there at the top of the statement.

Personally, I did not like the recent change of format to add the totals section at the bottom. I preferred the original format that only showed the running balance.