Customer Statement - invoice descriptions

Could the Customer Statements have “Invoice Description” next to invoice numbers for better reference?

For cash sale we can’t exactly make new customers, otherwise we’d end up having 1000 new customers each week. For this, we created a Customer called “Cash Sale” and in description we add the name of the purchaser (in case its a short term credit customer). Hence, it would be very helpful if we could see the description in the statement.

Well, customer statement is really meant to be an external document for customer. The reason why description column is not shown on it is because there is not really that much space and if customer is unsure about some invoice, he should be able to refer to the original invoice.

You can view all invoices that relate to particular customer by using Search field in top-right corner under Sales Invoices tab. Unlike customer statements, the tab contains Description colum. Have you tried it?

Yes, I have. But the problem with that one is that you don’t get summed up balance of all invoices. Just individual invoice balances.

In customer statements you get the TOTAL balance (credit or debit) of all invoices. Just makes things much easier.

You can go to Customers tab and see column Unpaid invoices which shows total balance of all unpaid invoices per customer. Clicking on the balance will reveal individual unpaid invoices (with descriptions).

Is that enough?

Yes, I suppose that could work.


Hi Lubos,
Can we have Actual Description in Customer Statement’s Description Column ? Instead of Invoice No : Because customer doesn’t understand that

if you are using sales invoice put customer name on the invoice summary field and it will print on statmenet

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whatever u put in invoice summary field will appear on statement next to the amount of that invoice ex. customer name. i have a dental lab and when i make an invoice i put the patients name in the invoice summary field and it appears on statement next to the invoice. makes it easy for dentist to see which invoice goes with which patient

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@lubos ; This issues is still not addressed and it is very much needed.

How is this issue not addressed. @doc has explained how it has been resolved.

I am putting some text in the Invoice Summary but its no where visible on the Customer Statement. I guess it would really be good if in place of Invoice number the description is picked up like it does for Receipts.
Currently it shows as under in the Description column:
Invoice 2 (Whatever invoice number)
Receipt —

It would be great if its as follows:
Invoice -
Receipt -


What you say is true if you select Transactions as the statement type. However, if you select Unpaid Invoices, you get the invoice number and the summary text. Consistency would certainly help, and the approach used for Unpaid Invoices type statements seems more useful. Plus, the Transactions type statement is already halfway there, since it picks up summary text from receipts, but not invoices.

I concur. See linked posting:

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