Migrate to cloud version

I’m trying to migrate from the desktop version to the cloud version.
My business file is approx 1.7Gb big. Upload starts but remains ‘stuck’ at around 3%. (even after several attempts).
Anything that can help? Alternative means ?

Desktop 21.5.10 on MaxOS Big Sur 11.3.1

That is a very big Manager file, suggesting you have many emails and/or attachments. (Attachments are the most likely culprits.) You can make a backup without these things to reduce the file size. See Backup, restore, import, and transfer businesses | Manager. If truly necessary, attachments could be added back once you are operational on the cloud edition.

Whatever the reason for your difficulty, this is almost certainly not a Manager problem. It sounds like a bandwidth issue with your internet connection.

Thanks Tut - Indeed attachments and emails are an integral part of the business which operates in the US and Europe. Going to the cloud version allows for an integrated operation, including all supporting documentation and communication. I’ll copy the ‘trimmed’ file and re-attach all docs.

@EridDK could you try uploading again and see if the issue has been resolved? No need to purge anything, the Import Business function should handle big files - that’s why there is a progress bar.

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Thanks Lubos - Your magic worked! Uploaded the 1.7 Gb in 24 minutes.

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