Import business when database is multiple GBs


i was using desktop version before. i just signup for cloud version, i have my back file 3GB i m trying to import but giving always error “Bad Gateway”

please help me to sort this issue.



out of curiosity, how is your backup file 3GB?
and i guess the error is due to the file size.
i have not known any user having an accounting business backup in Manager with such a huge file size. i personally have 3 years of data in Manager and my file size is only 12mb with all the attachments.

maybe try removing unnecessary attachments with your desktop edition and then try importing a new backup file to cloud edition.
read below guides first.

what is the max size of file we can have on cloud, my attachments are important and i had no idea about it before i purchased cloud version. infect it is not mentioned anywhere about size of cloud space.

the Manager database is capable of file sizes around 140TB.
i am not sure about the cloud space availability. maybe @lubos can answer that.
moreover i said it might be because of the file size. i am not sure it is the actual cause of your issue.

also, Manager is an accounting software. so the attachments in Manager are supposed to be related to accounting which would be simple pdf, word, excel documents. even images for inventory items. but such documents in most cases will not contribute to a file size of 3GB. so if you have attachments which are related to your business but not related to accounting, i would recommend you delete the same from Manager and store them separately.

there is a trial period available before making the actual purchase.

nothing more than purchase invoices. but i have 3 years work in 1 file, any way to import?

I will need to improve implementation of Import Business button so it can handle 3 GB upload. @sahilshahzad are you able to upload your file elsewhere and send me the link to ? I will move it into your cloud instance manually. Or give me a week and I will make it so Import Business will be able to handle large files. It’s up to you.

i will finish my today’s work and upload to file sharing site and sent you link to download. need instant support

This is the link, you got also via email,

kindly upload to my cloud.


please do not provide your business file on the forum. it can be accessed by anyone.

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I deleted your links to your file. You should only provide it to the email address for @lubos.

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The latest version (20.8.34) adds ability to import business from URL. This is to handle ability to import very large files. You will need to upload your business elsewhere. E.g. Dropbox. Obtain share link for the file which you can paste into the box.


Then monitor the progress…



can Manager make the same option for the attachments, and in settings we modify attachment folder.
in backup process we can get backup with attachment option, or without attachment.
in importing process Manager import the Data, and copy attachment to attachment folder.
I think this will minimize backup file.

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