Request for advice on backup

Dear All,
Can I get a faster and simple way to backup my files. My business is in excess of 250mb and usually take longer time to download for backup. I want a faster way around this.

What edition of Manager are you using - Desktop, Server or Cloud?


As far as I know the Cloud versions are backup up regularly by the operator but I do not know how, or if, you can access the backups. You would have to ask the operator directly at

Other than that, the speed will be a function of your internet access.

Do you have many attachments, history or emails which you could avoid backing up?

@ibdek internet in Nigeria is often slow therefore you either find a way to get better connectivity speed and bandwidth or consider reversing your approach and work mostly with a Desktop version and frequently import a local backup to your cloud server.

Unfortunately, this is not a problem of the hosting server that hosts Manager Cloud Server but one of internet speed at your location. Sorry-o!

You will probably find that most of that file size is from attachments, and, to a lesser extent, history. If you created a backup without these I’m sure you’d have a much smaller file, probably no more than a few MB.

My strategy is to back up daily without attachments and emails, and to back up less frequently with everything included. I usually have my attachments saved elsewhere anyway so could restore those if necessary. Maybe you need to work out a similar kind of strategy.

I use the Desktop edition, so I can’t test this, but I seem to remember a discussion about a feature that enabled you to send the backup directly to a cloud storage service, avoiding the need to download it using your own internet connection. Hopefully somebody else could elaborate on this, or you‘ll be able to find it by searching the forum and guides.

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