Merged multiple Purchase Orders (PO)

Good day! @lubos first off, thank you for the continuous improvement of system, we are glad we have availed cloud edition.

We have this concern that supplier issues only one purchase invoice of goods from multiple purchase orders (also delivered such orders at one time) but it’s not doable in the system to add or “copy to” multiple POs in a purchase invoice. Is it possible to add such function in Manager? This is such a common scenario in our purchases, yet we have to process purchase invoices for each PO but with only one invoice issued from our supplier.

Hoping to hear your thoughts about this, thank you! More power.

What are you suggesting? That it should be possible to merge multiple purchase orders into single one?

Or that purchase order should be selected on line item level of purchase invoice so that each line on purchase invoice can be linked to its own purchase order?


The second one is more practical and versatile sir @lubos. Instead of merging multiple POs and lost traceability of its individual reference just to have it in one purchase invoice, we could have the items entered in the purchase invoice be individually linked to its purchase order reference. With that, the invoice issued by the supplier can be traced with the items coming from different purchase orders.

Apparently, we are trying to establish inventory management system using Manager, hence we’ve got these suggestions for improvement. It would also be better to have this function also applied to purchase order- where line items are linked to which purchase quote, and goods receipt- where received items coming from which purchase order.

Thank you!

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I agree with you that having ability to link individual lines on invoice to separate purchase orders is better approach.


will it be possible to consider this with Sales invoice also

Yeah. Well… there is a topic in ideas asking for ability to link single credit note to multiple invoices. That could be handled the same way.


Thank you, sir @lubos

Looking forward to this update soon.

Hi Sir Lubos, I hope this can be implemented as soon as possible. Thank you very much.


would be a very useful change/update! (much anticipated).

The same as:

and this one: