Multiple Purchase Order Numbers on Sales Invoice

How do we add multiple purchase invoice numbers on sales invoices? Currently I’m cloning previous invoices to do this. Thanks

I don’t understand this request. It’s not possible to link purchase order to sales invoice at all.

Are you talking about linking multiple sales orders to single sales invoice?

Apologies for not being clear. Yes sales order from customer. Multiple sales orders to a single invoice.

I consider sales order to be a definition of a singular job. So sales order can have multiple sales invoices or goods receipts. This helps to track fulfillment of a job.

But you can’t have single sales invoice to be attached to multiple sales orders. Then which sales order really owns that sales invoice? How does sales order know it has been fulfilled?

Can you describe your workflow why you want to issue single invoice for multiple orders?

Because in that case, all those orders should be a single order.

We don’t use the sales order functionality within Manager and run a separate order list as we don’t have functionality to run Manager onsite.

A couple of our customers issue bulk requirement purchase orders. It will have a list of their expected requirements of standard products for the year. They don’t close off this PO and reissue a new one each month. If a particular product is exhausted on this PO, they will issue a new PO. They will also issue additional POs for products not on this PO. We obviously are unable to supply the entire POs all at once as they are ongoing and drawn down as they are manufactured.

Also another customer sends us multiple POs based on the orders they receive. We will then supply them once they have been manufactured. Sometimes we will multiple POs worth of product in one delivery. We then send the invoice with these multiple POs listed on it.

This system works for our customers and us due to the nature of our business. We also have a lot of customers where we receive one PO and supply one invoice but the bulk of our orders as are above.

In that case you should just create custom field named Order number on sales invoice and you can enter there what you need. Why not do that?

Perfect. Thankyou