Combining purchase orders into one invoice for the same supplier

We tend to open purchase orders quite frequently but we pay our suppliers every few days (5-10 purchase orders a day)

It’s a bit time consuming to go through and pay each one individually, plus our suppliers would like to see a summary type view where all the orders are on one sheet (sorted by oldest to latest) along with each item, and then a subtotal for each order. At the bottom, there would be a total amount with the sum of all purchase orders.

Is there an easy way to select a number of purchase orders, open an invoice, and include these details in them?

I don’t really understand this. From accounting point of view, you can only pay for invoice. Order has no material impact on accounts payable.

When paying supplier for multiple invoices, you don’t have to pay those invoices individually. If you allocate the payment to supplier to special account called Supplier credits, Manager will automatically allocate the payment across outstanding purchase invoices.

I think @webo is looking for PO matching, i.e. one has previously issued two purchase orders to ‘ACME supply’ then when an invoice is received from them, match line 1 of the invoice to the first PO, line 2 of the invoice to the second PO, picking up the accounting distribution lines from the PO’s to determine where to charge the invoice lines.

Right now there is no matching but you can copy A SINGLE PO to create an invoice, so if you are lucky and the suppliers invoice only includes things that relate to a single PO you can ‘effectively do a a match’, but if the supplier includes items for more than one of your PO’s on a single invoice, the question is what is the best way to copy the line distributions over to that invoice from two PO’s without re-keying the lines from at least one of them?

Hope that helps clarify the request.

When I go to Cash Accounts > Spend Money and change the account to Supplier credits and select my supplier, I have to manually go to Suppliers and copy-paste the amount owed.

This seems to be a quite a bit of effort for something that could be pretty automatic. Simply select the Supplier, select the purchase invoices attributed to that supplier that you wish to pay and then have an option to Pay.

The eventual outcome of this process would be a summarized Payment form listing the purchase invoices that were paid for including details such as:

  • Reference or Purchase Invoice #
  • Description from the purchase invoice
  • Total amount from the purchase invoice

And at the bottom of that page would be a total amount indicating the total amount of the payment. I hope this makes sense. I’m using this from a drop-shipping point-of-view where we take orders for suppliers, calculate the total orders for a period of time, deduct a commission, and pay the supplier for all orders minus commission.

My situation is unique in that we’re the ones that receive the money for the orders and generate something like a reverse Purchase Invoice where we inform them how much we owe them and pay them back accordingly. There are regulatory reasons for all this that are a bit too lengthy to go into here.

@webo, I could not tell from your description whether you are creating purchase invoices from your purchase orders prior to spending the money to pay suppliers. Doing so would create Accounts payable that can then be picked up by Manager per the specific purchase invoice. (That would be the time to deduct your commission.) Using Supplier credits only lets you allocate payments to the general amount owed to the supplier, not specific invoices.

Don’t know if that helps, but your workflow seemed incomplete.