Add ability to merge multiple sales orders into one

A Customer has placed multiple Sales order for different dates. Now he wants a combined single invoice for all the orders placed. Now, is there a way i can create a invoice with multiple sales order.

I understand that if the particulars are different then it would be problem. But hear me out.

Firstly we can manually change the status of the Sales orders to invoiced? Or a way i can just add multiple sales orders in a single invoice and it can detect and reduce the amount from all the selected sales orders in the invoice according to hierarchy date basis (like it happens in invoices). I am not able to change the status of sales orders to invoiced unless i create every single invoice for those sales order.

Please help out @lubos

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No, you cannot do that. The sales order must be linked from the related sales invoice. In other words, status monitoring flows backwards in the sales cycle, not forward. And you can only link one sales invoice to one sales order.

You can invoice for as many sales orders on a single sales invoice as you want. That is no problem at all. So you can give your customer what he wants. The limitations apply only to your ability to automatically track status.

The status monitoring capability is not that sophisticated. (And that would require an extraordinary degree of sophistication, because a customer might have ordered the same things on several sales orders, which might not be fulfilled in chronological order for various reasons under different circumstances.)

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How can i do that please tell.

Add line items to the sales invoice for everything you want to invoice. Nothing will prevent you from doing that. In fact, sales orders are entirely optional in the first place. The program does not care whether a line item on a sales invoice first appeared on a sales order or not.

If customer wants single invoice for multiple orders, then I think the correct workflow would be to merge sales orders first. Then copy the combined sales order to sales invoice. This way sales order can be still linked to invoice and invoiced amount / delivered qty can be still tracked.

Currently, it’s not possible to merge sales orders into one but it could be added.



In My Opinion Facility to merge sales order should be added. It helps When Customer places multiple order In a single month and instructs us to give him invoice Monthly .

In my opinion Sales orders are practically not merged per se. A business would create a single sales invoice for one inventory item across more than one pending sales orders. The sales orders would still remain seperate for the other pending items.

A solution would be the ability to select multiple sales orders and then create a new sales invoice. This would fill the sales invoice with line items across the selected orders and users can remove lines or adjust quantities.


Kindly it is urgent that manager teams merges several sales quotes or orders into one single invoice. Am now handling a restaurant business project and manager is so good at it but challenge is combining sales quotes which I have used for Kitchen orders (KOTs) and Sales orders which I used for Bar orders (BOTs) that now need to be merged into one bill that a customer ordered instead of too many bills. If the meeting merging of the Sales Quotes and Sales orders is done, then we shall be glad to fully deliver on this project and several others of that nature in future.

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Yes I agree with @Lwanga94
This is a Another Resons supporting the Implementation of

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I really think it should be added many businesses need this. My work would be lot easier.

In my opinion it really helps. :+1:

Although personally I have no problem with invoicing each SO separately, I still see why you would want to invoice all SOs once because this can avoid shipping complications.

I also agree with @sharpdrivetek that invoicing multiple invoices is a better workflow, but hey, merging will also work.

But I still have a couple of questions though:

  • What will happen to pre-merge SOs, will they disappear completely or be cancelled and replaced by a new SO?

  • Also, what will happen to the history and attachments of pre-merge in case they disappear?

  • How would the merge handle multiple quote references, multiple descriptions, multiple terms and conditions, and so on?

  • Will this also mean that we will lose linkage of the invoice to the original multiple quotes?

I also wish for this to be implemented as it would ease our work!

In my Opinion Pre merge SO’s Should be Greyed.

If they Greyed
History Should be created For merger of SO’s.

Maybe Difficult to Handle.

Maybe Not

This thread was started to discuss creating a single sales invoice from multiple sales orders. That involves several sources, but only one workflow. Nevertheless, there are significant questions and difficulties.

Your suggestion of being able to merge multiple quotes and sales orders would be orders of magnitude more difficult. As you can see from early comments, your suggestion does not merely add additional sources of information to creation of an invoice. It raises issues of dealing with multiple workflow steps, not all of which are necessarily used by all businesses. It brings up questions about History file records, preservation of past transactions, and many more. The fact is, your suggestion is probably so far-reaching it would be impossible to foresee all the complications.

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This might be relatively simple if all parameters of all sales orders involved were identical. But it would become much more complex if different sales orders varied by tax-inclusivity, quote numbers, custom field content, etc. How would precedence of content be established? Potentially, you could have to add so many option selections, things could become unwieldy. So this is not a trivial step.

So far, only a very small number of users have expressed support. Approximately the same number express opposition. One user wants to be able to merge both sales quotes and sales orders (due to a very unusual workflow). I question whether this is advisable or worth the effort. Granted, the existing status monitoring capability has limitations, but given the optional nature of sales orders, they seem tolerable to me.

It is not an unusual thing. Many firms and customer do ask for these invoices. Yes, Sales orders can be neglected but that’s a work around not a solution. Some Customer have a lot of Sales orders in a month and they don’t want to deal with so many invoices. So they specifically ask for these combined invoice. Which we have to then make in a separate software. Plus its a real waste of time making every single invoice for those sales orders which we can’t even send. Adding this feature won’t take away the feature of single invoice to single SO. So i don’t think there is a harm in adding this. If it is possible then why not. Many businesses want this. It is just that - not everyone is on this forum. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I will add in my own two cents here. For me the point of the Sales order (other than to track progress of order) is to match up with my client’s purchase order. So they send me their PO and I create a Sales Order based on that.

So merging various sales orders into one would break that link with the customer’s purchase orders and also mean that the sales orders that you sent out to client weeks before now suddenly don’t exist anymore should a client wish to follow up on the progress of a sales order.

So no, I would not support sales order merging as this would result in messing up link with customer PO, delete sales orders already emailed to clients and also cause havoc with Manager history.

What I think would be a better idea is to allow multiple sales orders to be attached to one sales invoice. So you still have all the individual sales orders created, just one sales invoice for the client. This would make more sense as even with myself I can see the value of having one invoice that would cover several small sales orders in the same month.

The end client doesn’t care how many sales orders you have - what they are interested in is one invoice. So why merge the sales orders - just output the multiple sales orders to one sales invoice.


Excellent points, @dalacor.

That is exactly what i wanted too. This would really ease up things a lot. @dalacor