Menu Action causes Freeze

It doesn’t really affect usability any, but… using Manager (18.4.6) on MacOS High Sierra I noticed that right-clicking on any of the major menu items (Back, Business, Users, Preferences, Support) and selecting “Open Link in New Window” forces an error message into a dialog box and renders the program stuck until you force quit and restart the app. There is an acknowledgement button in the dialog box but clicking it starts the colored beachball spinning forever.

I cannot reproduce this problem with macOS v10.13.4 and Manager v18.4.6.

Right-clicking on any of the top menu bar links produces the normal option menu from the operating system:


Is your macOS software up to date?

I agree that right-clicking the top menu bar links produces a normal options menu… its when you select “Open Link in New Window” from that menu that the problem occurs.

Yes I’m running the most recent version of the OS.

OK, I see what you mean. This is because the desktop edition is a single-user system, but is still essentially a browser calling a database. The browser function can only support one window at a time.

If you want to open two windows, you need another browser instance. There was an article about this in the January newsletter: