Logs out each time

When I switch back to the program from online guides , the program closes and needs to be re opened .

Is this standard or is their some instability there ?


What edition (desktop, server, or cloud) are you using? This sounds like a browser setting issue if you are using the server or cloud editions, where you are not opening the Guides in a new page.

18.5.83 is the only indication I have of an ‘edition’ .

It is the Desktop version .

When I go to open the program as well I am reminded that Manager is a program downloaded from the internet and do I wish to open it ? Even though it opens anyway if I am not connected .


You are using the desktop edition. 18.5.83 is your version number. You happen to be a few hundred versions out of date. (The program advances very rapidly.)

What operating system are you using? I ask because you should only get the reminder about having downloaded from the internet the first time you open a new version. This suggests you did not actually install it correctly, so you are opening it while it is in the wrong place or you are opening a file in the download bundle.

Okay ….

If I download Manager again will I be able to keep my data provided it has been backed up ?

Am using Yosemite 10.10.5 .


Yes. None of your data is in the program. It is all in a separate data file that the new version will also call. Since you are on a Mac, make sure you exactly follow the instructions in this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/7116.

Knowing you are on a Mac, I suspect you were running the program without installing it in the Applications folder. And you were running the server executable that is contained in the bundle directly. Manager is, at heart, a browser. The desktop edition simply browses on your own machine.

Back up your business(es) for safety, although you should not need to. Install the download correctly. Launch the program from the Applications folder, and all should be well.

Followed those instructions , thank you .

When switching from guides back to program it still quits unexpectedly and needs to be reopened .

Hmmm ?


You are doing something incorrectly, @Summerhill. The desktop edition opens in its own application window on your Mac. The Guides are accessed either from the manager.io web site or by clicking on the Learn how to… links at the bottom of a Manager screen. Either way, the Guides open in browser window determined by your preferences. For example, you might be using Apple’s Safari browser.

Linking to a Guide does not close the Manager application. Going back to Manager only involves clicking in its open window. In neither case do you have to close the other application. So, if you are saying Manager crashes and closes just because you click in its open window after having another application open, you’ve got something wrong with your Mac, not with Manager. What you are basically saying is that your Mac will not allow two applications to be open at the same time.

This happens when I close safari having looked at a guide and then go to click on a tab in manage which is left open the whole time .

I would try updating macOS first. While I never had any trouble with Yosemite, you are now three generations behind, and soon to be four, when Mojave comes out in a few days. Otherwise, this is beyond my knowledge level, but it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Manager.

Well , that was worth doing !!

Upgraded to High Sierra and all good . Everything running smoother as well .

Thankyou ……