Manager is not responding when opening link in new window

There is an issue whenever I right click a guide link to open it in a new window which happens to me many times when I use Manager, it renders Manager not responding and I have to launch “activity monitor” on my Mac the equivalent to “task manager” in windows and I have to force quit = end task and relaunch manager.

I can duplicate this behavior and will put this into the bugs category.

Meanwhile, @a_marhoon91, do not right-click. Left click, and your browser will open (if not open) or create a new tab, and you will be taken to the Guide.

I’m already lift-clicking since I’ve been encountered with this issue.

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Fixed in the latest version (19.5.4). This version also bumps requirements for Mac OS X. Manager requires now version 10.9 or higher (previously it was 10.7 or higher).

I have the same problem in the Linux version, still.
ATM I’m running version 21.3.40 and when I right click, still nothing happens.
It would be handy when inputting new payments and halfways you find out you want to also put in a new supplier, to just open the “suppliers” list in a new window, but apparently that doesn’t happen.
Or is there a workaround for that?

You are using an out of date version - maybe if you upgraded, it will work

@Dutchie, you are posting about a different situation than the original topic, which was about opening links to Guides.

Your situation is about opening a second Manager window. That is not at all the same. So saying, “I have the same problem…” does not help. Please describe exactly what you are doing to try to open the Suppliers tab.

By the way, procedures for opening second windows have been discussed many, many times in the forum. They differ according to your operating system.

Yep, you’re right. Sorry about this.
Cheers, stay warm. Will.