Manager is not responding when opening link in new window

There is an issue whenever I right click a guide link to open it in a new window which happens to me many times when I use Manager, it renders Manager not responding and I have to launch “activity monitor” on my Mac the equivalent to “task manager” in windows and I have to force quit = end task and relaunch manager.

I can duplicate this behavior and will put this into the bugs category.

Meanwhile, @a_marhoon91, do not right-click. Left click, and your browser will open (if not open) or create a new tab, and you will be taken to the Guide.

I’m already lift-clicking since I’ve been encountered with this issue.

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Fixed in the latest version (19.5.4). This version also bumps requirements for Mac OS X. Manager requires now version 10.9 or higher (previously it was 10.7 or higher).