Program unresponsive after idle period

I’ve been noticing a problem with increasing frequency. If I leave the Manager window open while I attend to other matters on the computer, it can be partially unresponsive when I return. As far as I’ve been able to determine, I can always use the Back button, retracing all the way to the opening screen. When I get there, if I click on my business name, a drop-down box appears with an “OK” button, but no other message. Before I get to that screen, mouse behavior seems normal, in that things that should highlight as I hover over them do so, the hyperlink indicator hand appears at the right locations, and so forth. But there is no response when I click on anything.

The solution is to close and reopen the program. Everything always returns to normal with no data loss, but the experience is aggravating.

There is no correlation to the length of time away or the number of transactions entered that I can detect. But I haven’t tried to study the problem systematically. My impression is that it is random. I first noticed it perhaps 4 - 6 weeks ago. Now it happens almost every day.

Do the symptoms suggest anything to you? Have others reported such a problem? And is there anything I can try that would generate useful troubleshooting information?

Are you using Manager on Mac OS X?

Yes. Yosemite, v10.10.2.

This is known issue for quite a while. I’ve received a few ideas from other users in past months what could be causing this but I’m yet to be able consistently reproduce this myself.

It will be resolved but I’m unable to give any ETA.

Thank you. If I identify anything about the problem that might help, I will let you know.