Manager not opening

Hi all,

Opened manager for the first time in a few weeks today to do some invoicing and all I get where the normal link to open a business would be is a blank screen. Any suggestions appreciated?



Ok. Not sure why but it opens after a while. First time it opened & looked normal and I was able to open the Invoicing screen, but then if you clicked on anything - eg recurrent invoice bar, view or edit invoices nothing happened.

Closed it and reopened the program, again blank screen. When business menu screen finally came up clicking on the business name did nothing. Clicking on other buttons eg support etc across top of screen seemed to do nothing but after a long delay support opened. Then nothing.

It’s like it’s running but at fraction of normal speed.

Version number is 18.5.9 I think, and macOS is Mojave v10.14 running on a 2017 iMac.



Update your Manager software. There was initially an incompatibility with Mojave, but that was fixed in version 18.10.29. Current version (as of this writing) is 18.11.66.

Actually, you’re the first who has reported a pre-18.10.29 version running at all. Most report a perpetually blank window.

You also ought to subscribe to the newsletter. The initial problem, a temporary workaround, and the eventual fix were all covered in it.

Thanks. Just found another thread by coincidence and fixed it. Was about to post on here to say that! You must be a mind reader.



Always good to search before posting. There are almost 12,000 topics in the forum archives. Very few questions have never been asked and answered.