Manually Enter Customer Purchase Order Number in Sales Invoice

After Latest Update, 22.7.31 Quote Number and Order Number is selection Only, what setting to do to make it Manullay edited to enter Customer PO Number instead of our sales order ( please dont tell to create sales order matching customer pO number, as this will disturb the auto numbering of our sales order since every customer has his own sequence of PO issuance)

You can create custom field called Order on sales invoice. And check Show at the top of printed documents so the contents of custom field will show at the top of the invoice rather than at the bottom.

Done, but it now shown on top of the document

this is the generated invoice

Same on Printed Document

Try unchecking these 2 boxes, will help bring this down. Or one if you want to show it on printed document at the bottom.

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@decentboy008 its needed on top, even the two boxes checked, still shown in Bottom

@Ayman make sure Custom theme option on invoice edit screen is unchecked.

@lubos even with default theme ( unchecked the custom theme option) custom field still shown down on web and on downloaded document.

@lubos strange, in one business it shows Up in web and document, and in other business down !

still if it kept in original filed will be better, same like auto numbering of the invoice it can be tick, to select from sales order or enter manually

I don’t see how this could be possible. If you can send me business file with this issue to or if you can reproduce this issue in test file, I can have a look.