Order No

There are no more place available anymore in the invoice function to put the customers order no in on the online version. Please advise

Read the “pinned” (top of page) by @Lubos Order field on sales invoice form

I have done it & it still not showing

What did you do? Create a customs field as explained?

yes & its still doesn’t show

Show screenshots of edit screens. Please take it from the whole screen, do not leave anything out. Did you try both options as per @Lubos post?

The custom field should be created in the Sales Invoice NOT the Sales Invoice - Line item. This is explained under step 2 by @Lubos

And under Sales Invoice section, click New Custom Field .

still not showing

Please show the edit screens (include ALL information on the page, do not truncate)

You should show us the complete edit screen as Custom Fields show up at the very bottom of the page. This is also explained in @Lubos post:

Now when creating new sales invoice, you will see your new custom field at the bottom in Custom Fields section.

For some reason you do not follow the instructions to the letter.

It doesn’t look nice & correct there they should change it back to the top where it was

Show the edit field of the custom field you created did you as @Lubos explained (see screenshot) enable:

show at the top of printed documents

Still show on the bottom

@Sakkie_van_Jaarsveld are you using custom theme? Can you uncheck custom theme checkbox on sales invoice?

Yes I do its my ISO accreditation that’s need to be on as well

That’s just for testing purposes. You can recheck the custom theme later.

For now please uncheck the box and report what you get.