Customers purchase order number

I have just tried to convert a quote to an invoice.
The space for the customers purchase order number has disappeared. I then tried to make a new sales invoice manually, and the space for the purchase order number is still missing. I really need this feature because if I try to give an invoice without the purchase order number it wont get paid. I am on the cloud version so it is always up to date and the upgrades are done automatically. Can some one please help me. This is urgent.

Hi @dpm,

The funny thing is that I have the purchase order number visible on the Sales invoice but I did not enable Purchase Orders tab. The sales order number is also visible on Sales invoice and that tab is enabled.
So I decided to do some tests for PO & SO. (Version 15.5.84, Desktop)

Puchase Order (PO)

  1. When I give at least one invoice an PO number, it shows in Sales invoices list. :grinning:

  2. Enabled Purchase Orders tab and checked if number field is still on Sales invoice. :grinning:
    then created one PO and checked if number field is still on Sales invoice. :grinning:

  3. Deleted the last and only PO and the screen displayed big blue button “New Purchase Order”. :grinning:
    Then I disabled Purchase Orders tab, through customize, and clicked Update.
    The previous screen, with big blue button, comes back and I can click the “New Purchase Order” again whilst PO tab is disabled, and it works. Tab automagically returns, but is disabled in customize view :open_mouth:

Apparently manager returns to the latest screen, before you clicked customize.
During this small test, the PO number never disappeared from Sales invoice screen. Is that correct?
I would recommend to check if corresponding tab is enabled at first creation.

Sales Order (SO)

Let me keep this simple. The sales order number at the beginning was there to but after I switched Sales Orders tab off and back on, through customize, it never came back.

I am no tester by trade but maybe this helps.

Purchase Order Number field is always visible on sales invoice form regardless what modules are enabled.

Are you sure it’s not there? Look into top-right corner.

Clear about PO number although why is it missing for @dpm?
For SO number, as the image shows, it is not visible!