Custom field position at the Top of Sales Invoice

Is there a way to move the custom field to the top of the Invoice , near the business logo or next to our company address ? Thank you in advance

Not at the moment. You will have to create a custom template for that.

This is older topic, there are probably newer ones asking for the same thing.

Anyway, the latest version (22.6.9) has new checkbox on custom field form Show at the top of printed documents.


When this checkbox is selected, custom field content


will be shown at the top of the document (rather than at the bottom)



I can’t find the check box.
Ver. 22.6.9

Works for me on Windows 10 Desktop Version 22.6.9

What edition are you using - Desktop, Server, Cloud?

@Lubos great development, however, It does work for some such as business details but it does not go to the top for example for Customer Custom fields even though it shows the option in print to go to top.


@Ehab just go to then click Restart Cloud Server to force upgrade. I will need to show full version number because there are actually a few releases per day. All start with 22.6.9 (current date).

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Could you please, improve custom fields more to be replaced all custom field with it’s related fields?
Customer’s custom fields under customer fields and supplier’s fields together, etc.

@lubos, custom field shows on top of new sales invoices when Plain theme is used (v22.6.9.83 on W10), but if a custom theme, with the updated code from the Plain theme, is used then the same custom field does not show on top of new Sales invoices.


Hi, @lubos Thanks for the rapid updates on Software.

I have created my own theme, with serial numbers on Sales Invoice and etc.,
I have created a custom field for the Order Number, but It’s not showing on top in Custom Theme, It’s working on the plain default theme.


Even I would like help in this regard.
The new plain theme is very different from earlier ones. It is picking everything from the internal codes i think. there is no mention of date or invoice no or anything. So wont be able to rename them as well
Thanks in advance