ManagerDesktop.exe is not responding

The problem occurred approximately 15 days after the last update. The problem occurs after opening the program with a minute or less

You need to furnish more information. Exactly what triggers the problem? Is there anything you can do before it happens? Does it occurs every time you launch the program? What operating system? What version of Manager?

Is there anything you can do before it happens? NO
Does it occurs every time you launch the program? YES
What operating system? WIN 10 X64
What version of Manager? 18.11.42

I use Manager desktop 18.11.42 on Windows 64-bit Version 1803 Build 17134.407 without any problem

So it would seem to be a problem on your PC - what version of Windows are you using?

windows 10 pro v 1803

@aymnak, how are you launching the application? Be very specific.


So to confirm, once you launch the application, you can’t do anything in Manager? It stops responding as soon as it loads?

  1. Do you have any Symantec or McAfee products installed on your computer?
  2. Have you opened Task Manager to see if there are any processes using too much of the CPU or RAM?
  3. What happens if you leave Manager alone and try to access it several minutes later?
  4. Is this a home computer with only you as the user, or are you connected to a domain?

1- avast
3-also problem still
4-im only use this computer

Many problems have been reported with Avast anti-virus software installed. Try disabling it to see if Manager runs.

I stopped avast and still have trouble :frowning_face:

Sorry, I’m all out of ideas. Perhaps @lubos can tell you how to create/send a debugging log to him for analysis?

In the meantime, I’d suggest downloading & installing the current version of Manager (now 18.11.56) to see if that will fix the issue for you.

@aymnak you can try installing server edition as per

It could reveal error which desktop edition doesn’t. This could point to the problem.

@aymnak, may I know your computer specification for CPU and RAM? How about application like microsoft office software? No issue of running it?

Good specifications. I have been using manger for more than a year without problems
Only a problem occurred a month ago

Hi, I am having the same problem. However, with me the not responding issue appears after varying minutes working with the program. I have done several updates now but it still occurs.