Manager Can't Install on my Mac

Plese help me why I can’t install manager on my mac that using os x yosemite?

Did you follow the instructions in this guide

I did but when I wanna drag the manager icon to install, I didn’t fine application folder, why?

Your Applications folder is in the main directory of your hard drive:

It is also accessible in the Finder from the Go menu:

It is probably where every program you ever installed is located. This has nothing to do with Manager. It is a feature of macOS.

I have the same problem here. How did you fix this?

hello @pdp
This is a very old topic ,
manager has changed wholly in this time. Please share full details :

  1. manager version.
  2. Which OS Version ?
  3. Details of error you are getting ?

Did you read the minimum requirements for Mac on the download page?


If you have the same problem, you have the same solution. But I doubt you have the same problem 5 years later. Are you really trying to install Manager on a Mac with the obsolete Yosemite system?