Manager will not open on my Mac

I run a MacBook Pro and have used Manager since 2017. I recently upgraded my MacOS to Monterey and Manager would not open. I installed a new version of Manager on my Mac and when I try to open Manager it tells me “Your database has been upgraded to the latest version while your desktop edition is still an older version. Upgrade desktop edition to the latest version which will resolve the issue. This usually happens when you install server edition of a newer version on the same computer.” Can someone please tell me what I must do to open Manager on my Mac.

Did you follow the instructions and upgrade your software?

Also on a Mac yu can have multiple versions of Manager active (look in applications folder). Be sure that you opened the most recent version. I prevent this by overwriting the old version when installing a new one.

When Manager would not open, I went to the website and downloaded a new version of Manager for Mac. Was I not correct in doing this?

I have 2 versions in my applications folder. Would you suggest I delete the oldest version?

yes and ensure that you install the same version number as that of the server edition

Thank you all working

Could you explain how the problem was fixed so that if someone else encounters a similar problem in the future, they will find a possible solution here ?

It is all explained in the discussion:

  1. Avoid any duplicates of Manager in the applications folder on MACos
  2. He had 2 version installed and probably opened the files using the old version that got the error message in the first post. @Tut already indicated that the instructions in the reported error message should be followed as per first post, i.e.