Manager will not start Web Page Unavailable

Windows XP SP3 Manager version 16.3.54 or .50. I inadvertently clicked on a Question “help” link in one of the screens in Manager when the internet connection was disabled and rightly got the message the “Web Page is Unavailable”. Connecting to the internet, rebooting, removing & re-installing Manager has not helped and I continue to get the same message when trying to start Manager.

It seems as if there is a configuration file that is not being reset and an “old” error condition and message is taking precedence.

You may find it relates to Win XP no longer being supported - read here

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Try clearing your Internet Explorer cookies, cache, and history – basically, anything you can clear in whatever version of IE you have, do it. Manager uses the IE engine, so perhaps there are some crumbs in the IE cache that are causing your issue.

I finally got into the Internet Explorer settings (as suggested) and found that Internet Explorer was set to work offline. Connecting to the internet and changing that IE setting to “Work Online” and then Manager started. All ok now.

Manager normally runs just fine without an internet connection. It just seems that there is some initialization or configuration file that in this instance a previous Manager run impacts a subsequent Manager run. Perhaps it should not do that.