Navigation to the webpage was canceled

I’m getting a blank screen with the message “Navigation to the webpage was canceled” when launching the Desktop version of Manager in Windows 7.

I have re-installed Manager and Internet Explorer to no avail.

Has anyone else seen this before?

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This post suggests that the problem is that your firewall is blocking Manager. The program connects to the Internet to allow the developer to see how many people are using Manager.

Under Preferences (on the top menu bar), turn off sharing of usage data. If that was your problem, that change should fix it. The usage data is anonymous and has nothing to do with your accounting.

Aah that explains it! I am happy to keep that enabled as it would Lubos if he knows what functions are being used in Manager.

Yes! Well, sort of. My firewall was blocking all local (127.x.x.1) traffic. I disabled that rule and it now works fine.
Thank you very much for your help.

Desktop edition works as a web-server and web-browser at the same time. Web-server will start on localhost and web-browser will try to connect to it. If firewall blocks connections to localhost, web-browser will fail to load the page.

What I need to improve is for Manager to detect this problem before web-browser has a chance to show this meaningless error.

How can I sort this out, I am having the same problem with the navigation to webpage being cancelled. The manager program suddenly started doing this last week. I have tried changing my firewall settings and reinstalling the program with no luck to getting it to work again.

You need to provide more detailed technical information before your problem can be duplicated or diagnosed.

What further technical details can I provide other than that the program will not connect or even open up to let me input my accounting data I need for my financial end of year tax requirements.

Upon trying to open the program, it cones up with a blank page saying at the left top corner that navigation to the webpage was cancelled.

Dale Henry

Server or cloud edition? What operating system? What browser? Can you post a screen shot of the error message?

It is the desktop version, I have windows 10 operating system. I use chrome browser.

There is the shot of the screen I am getting when trying to open up the program. clicking on the refresh the page does nothing.

Check that your antivirus and/or firewall is not causing the issue.
You could temporally disable the antivirus, also disconnect from the internet - you don’t need the internet is run the desktop edition.

There have also been problems reported with Chrome, apparently caused by some Chrome update. Try designating another browser as your default and see if the problem persists.

Have you added or run any anti-malware programs lately?

Try this: Click the Start button and type Internet Options. Click on Internet Options in the list of programs. The Internet Options applet will open.

Click on the Security tab. Move the slider up or down, then click “Reset all zones to default level”. Click the Apply button.

Now click on the Advanced tab.and click “Restore advanced settings”. Click the Apply button.

Now try Manager. If it does not work, try the Reset option on the Advanced tab in Internet Options.

Also, try to install server edition to see if it works. If it doesn’t, then it should reveal some error too.