Manager will not open

I have had a lot of problems since the webview2 issue was introduced to the point i cannot OPEN manager
its very frustrating
just downloaded and installed latest version of Manager and removed webview2 from my computer as suggested in a forum item i read.
now getting this message
Manager Error
Please Help

Some background information may help.

  • What operating system are you using, 32 or 64 bit, Windows or Mac, what version number
  • What version of Manager are you currently trying to install / run
  • Is this a Manager desktop or own server configuration

What do you do to cause the error, is it reliably reproduced when you do this?

You may have a corrupt database

can you move your data file to a new computer & installation for separate datafile issues from software installation issues

I have noticed that since webview2, if I try to update to a newer version, it fails to open afterwards if I allow the update to close Manager. I now make sure it’s closed before I update which solves my problem