Update has corrupted my software

Manager prompted me to update the software, after doing so i can not go back on to the program as it says it is already opened even after i restarted my computer.

I havent backed it up in nearly over a month and dont want to lose vital information.

Please advise

What’s your operating system?


Manager does not prompt users to update the software. Something there is not right. Maybe you have some malware installed. Run something like malwarebytes. But go to c:\users\yourname\appdata\local\manager and backup that up as your data files should be there. Backup that first before running malwarebytes or anything else like that.

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unforuntately this doesnt work.

after unistalling and reinstalling the programme, i try opening Manager but it says that it can not start as it is already running. This message comes up even after i restart my computer

Email me to lubos@manager.io, we can arrange TeamViewer session and I can have a look why it would be saying that error.

What doesn’t work ?

Have you somehow set Manager to start on startup