Manager refused to start

After installing the latest version release on May 1st my manager refused to start up…
Desktop version

What platform - PC, Mac,…
What Operating System?
What version number?
What do you do and what actually happens - show a copy of the screen?

Have you followed the relevant guide
Install or update desktop edition on Windows | Manager or Install or update desktop edition on macOS | Manager

I am using hp elitebook 6930p windows 10
I just downloaded the latest version and do an installation and try to open the app but no response at all…

Manager version 21.4. 74
Windows 10 64bit

Are you using Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit?
What version of Windows 10?
Have you got Microsoft Webview2 runtiime installed?

What happens when you install Manager - any messages?

I have just installed the 21.4.74 version on Windows 10 64-bit and it executes without any problem so it is most likely a problem with your specific PC and/or it’s settings

So what do you advise me do?

I don’t have backup of my old entry…

You could answer my last questions and post some screen image(s)

Alternatively uninstall the app using Settings and then download and install it again

Your data is not stored in the app - see here Manage application data folder contents | Manager

Thank you… I solved the problem… Uninstall and reinstall solve the problem… I hope I can get my backup back…thank you so much for your help