Software not working

Need Immediate Solution.
After Installing new update (V21.3.97) my software not working in my Desktop. someone help me please. I am trying to run manager software but no response.

You need to say what you are running on - Windows, MacOs, UNix - and what version of OS

Also show screen images of what happens

Windows 10. nothing happen when I double click on manager icon.

What version of Windows 10 - check in the Settings/System/About?

Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit?

Have you got Webview 2 runtime installed?

it is Windows 10 64-bit. and I dont have Webview 2 runtime in my desktop. is it new requirment for this software . last one year I am using this software. just today I have faced this problem. after install this update. anyway already I uninstalled my softwar. I’ll reintall it and Webview 2 runtime also i’ll install in my dekstop. lets see what happen next. i’ll update here


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Yes. its working now. thank you very much.

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