Manager quits suddenly when i try to export to spreadsheet

Manager get crash when I tried to export any reports to spread sheet. I m using Linux mint 18.3
I will send screen recording to your email if you want. Please give me your email id

You can post the screenshots in the forum, that way more people will see it and you may get a quicker response

I don’t believe you will be able to upload a recording to the forum. Please just describe the specific actions leading to the crash. How far through the export process did you get?

I want to export this to spread sheet, but manager get shut off when I tried to select & drag with mouse.

Well, you have a number of problems. I actually don’t know whether any of them could cause the crash.

  • To start with, you don’t have the Cash Accounts tab enabled, so you have no cash accounts. Yet you have entered 6 cash transactions. Therefore, these are all being held in Suspense.
  • You have entered 88 purchase invoices and 151 sales invoices. Have you really only had 2 bank transactions?
  • You have never received anything for all your purchase invoices. You have no goods receipts. Goods receipts are optional, but if you enable them, you must use them.
  • Likewise, you have only 24 delivery notes to go with your 151 sales invoices. Maybe the remainder are still awaiting delivery, but this looks suspicious.

If you sort out some of those issues, that might help your export problem. But it might not. If it doesn’t, are you saying the crash occurs the instant you click inside the copying pane? Or does it occur only if you try to drag with the mouse?

when I pointing into moon, you are looking into my finger.
what is the logic if there is no cash account, bank transactions, delivery not etc. manager will get crash.

This is my original file, same issue is there.

Yes, it get off when I tried to drag with mouse or touch pad.