Screen Locked after Dropdown Selection (Linux)

I’ve just moved to Linux platform and installed Manager. When entering data in various forms, after selecting from a dropdown the screen is then unresponsive, whereby no text boxes can be typed into, no tickboxes ticked. Focusing away from Manager and back returns a completely blank screen.
Example: Supplier Invoice Payment after selecting Bank Account from dropdown.

You need to provide much more information about for example which Linux distribution and version you are using, on which hardware and which version of Manager you installed.

Manager version is 22.7.1
Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon 5.4.12
Linux Kernel 5.15.0-48 Generic
Hardware is Lenovo Yoga 6
Processor AMD Ryzen 7 5700U


I just found another example. Doing a Bank Receipt and after selecting Received In account from dropdown list the screen lost all interaction.
I pressed Control (Windows) button to start a screenshot but on returning to the Manager screen it was completely white (blank).
I have to close Manager and reopen it.
If I follow the same actions it will repeat the same issue.
If I leave the Received In field to very last I can then click Create and process the transaction.

I suggest you update Manager to the latest version before goung any further with your tests

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I asked because Mint is outside the listed options on the Manager download page at Download | Manager, i.e.

Requires Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (64-bit) / Fedora 33 (64-bit) or newer

Screenshot of same:

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Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu so should be good. In fact, I’ve installed Manager.App v22.9.26.402 on a Linux Mint 20 (Linux 5.4.0-122-generic x86_64) VM with no problem at all, i.e. the problems mentioned by the OP do not occur.

Mint is based on Debian so is Ubuntu. The problem with Linux distributions is they package different code sets. So Manager will run on the packages as provided by Ubuntu and Fedora but can not help with all distributions, you then have to figure out what more to install to make it work (or uninstall).

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Just a guess, but if this was happening to me then I would probably be looking at the different versions of GTK as being something to do with the problem…

It appears to be same problem as I have already reported:

The one workaround another user mentioned and I can confirm is to use the Tab button rather than the mouse to select items on the dropdown list.
…The problem appears to be linked to an update to a Ubuntu system file last week.

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I noticed this same issue when I try to enter a payment transaction and select an entry for “Paid from” account or payee. The application freezes but can be terminated by closing the window. I am using Manager version on a Kubuntu 22.04 machine with kernel version 5.15.0-52-generic. My system log tells me that the library libwebkit2gtk-4.0 throws a segmentation fault error. I tried to update to libwebkit2gtk-4.1, but the Manager software demands version 4.0. I will try to downgrade the library, but I don’t think that this should be the desired solution. I can confirm that the workaround using the Tab key instead of the mouse works for me, as suggested by some users.

My workaround: