Manager not a relational database?

When I change an item in the part ‘Customers’, namely the ‘Billing address’, this change is not reflected in the already made item in ‘Sales Invoices’, so I have to change this by hand (assuming I notice the item is not changed). Is Manager not a relational database, or is this an error?
I am working with the Windows version 18.8.63.

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I don’t think that changing sales invoices automatically in this case would be good accounting practise. The Sales Invoice is a copy of the transaction as it occurred at the time.

Yes, I agree. But I was composing this invoice when I noticed that there was something wrong in the address, so I changed this, but then noticed my change was not reflected in the invoice.

Many fields in Manager records to not propagate backwards to pre-existing invoices. In this specific case, suppose a customer changed addresses. You would definitely not want all prior invoices to be retroactively changed, because they were correct when issued. Similarly, if you update the selling price of an inventory item, you would not want previous invoices to change.

As you can clearly see the customer is linked through a direct relation (drop down menu) but the address is inported the first time you choose the customer.

This is done for two reason: 1) to be able to edit on the fly the address which can be different from the one saved 2) not to edit the previously emitted invoices.

This is not a bug.

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OK, I understand. It is important to know how it works! Thanks.